Market Sectors

We produce high purity fatty acids that are manufactured at our state-of-the-art Chicago production facility. These ingredients serve as building blocks which affects chemicals in hundreds of consumer and industrial products.  These four main products are:

  • Crayons – our fatty acids are used as a major component of crayons, giving them their distinct smell.
  • Fabric Care–  our fatty acids are used to make wetting agents, lubricating agents and defoaming agents in the production of textiles as well as making agents for finished fabrics that soften, repel water, assist in dying and apply anti-static.  
  • Latex Foam - our fatty acids are used to form soaps for emulsion polymerization and can be used as curing and releasing agents for latex foam molds.
  • Lubricants - our fatty acids are used to make solid lubricants for molding applications and lubricating greases.  Our fatty acids can also be used  to make liquid lubricants for metal machining and engine oils.
  • Oilfield - our fatty acids are used to make viscosity modifiers and corrosion inhibitors for oilfield applications.
  • Paper - our fatty acids are used in paper sizing to apply different paper characteristics and are an important component in de-inking for paper recycling.
  • Rubber - our fatty acids are used in tires and compounds for master batch.
  • Stearates - our fatty acids are used to make stearates which are used in the production of PVC, release of rubber molds, and solid lubricants.

Vantage Oleo

North America’s most trusted supplier of Oleochemicals. The company has world class assets and an experienced team that our customers have recognized as leaders in the manufacturing and marketing of fatty acids and glycerine.


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